Light It Up Blue

Light it Up Blue with the Blueberry Exfoliating Bar!! 

 Love me some blueberry bar! It’s one of my favorites and am obsessed with it! I started using the bar a year an half ago. I am beyond low maintenance. The first time I tried it, I thought “Wow this is beautiful.” My skin feels better, I exfoliated, and I smell good. Damn. Boom. Hell Yes! 

 Loving this product and indulging with some liquid courage. I asked Hilary if she would be interested in helping me with “Light It Up Blue” campaign for the month of April using her blueberry bar. The month of April is dedicated to raising awareness about Autism. I have never fundraised for something that is personal and feel vulnerable doing it. 

 I have three boys that are 10, 7, and 5 years old. My 7 year old, Tucker, was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder at the age of three and half. Something that pulls at my heart, is the timing of where I was in my life when all this was happening. I was a young mom, trying to raise little kids, and just had my third baby. I haven’t a clue to what I am doing. Shit! In the midst of surviving diapers, naps, bottles, sleepless nights, etc…We were watching my middle son slip away. Tucker stopped answering to his name, lost his babbling words, and any eye contact was gone. He was in his own world and I was not apart of it. With each day passing, a new autistic symptom would creep up and other signs only got stronger. I started googling on the internet and the word Autism kept popping up. Where did my son go? He doesn’t see me. 

 My world was spiraling. At the Doctor’s office, the pediatrician asked if Tucker was saying two sentences. “Ummmm, he’s not talking at all.” Wait what? Crap, how could I not notice this? I was surviving each day. The doctor was concerned. Suddenly there was a Case Supervisor, Speech Therapist, and Physical Therapist in my house for one year. What the hell is happening? 

 As a mom, I knew something was terribly wrong. I still wasn’t getting answers. It came time to sign him up for Preschool and my Case Supervisor told me that actually your school district will be helping you move forward with preschool. Oh ugh okay. I was so clueless. 

 Our school district observed my middle man and asked me a million questions. Wondering how this is my life right now? At my first IEP meeting, the school district psychologist said, “We feel your soon as Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Hearing those words released to the universe was validation in what I have been fearing all along. My son has autism. I crumbled that year and cried a lot. It was hard to be strong. 

 With each year, we knew that this was something we were going to learn and take on. We didn’t lose sight of how much we love our son. We always want to be moving forward and not backwards… 

 Tucker is now 7 and turning 8 in June. He is in a regular education classroom and receives Speech and Occupational therapy at school. We have ABA Therapy five times a week after school. A LOT of early intervention is in place. The beginning was a struggle. Now we have a lot to celebrate and that is Tucker’s progress. He is doing amazing and one of the funniest kids I know. Help us “Light it Up Blue” this April with the Blueberry Bar.

With the love, help, and support of Hilary. Dermure Skincare will be giving 50% of the proceeds to Autism Speaks. To purchase, click on the link #LightItUpBlue under 'Clean Cause.'

Thank you Hilary, I’m forever grateful for your gratitude and openness to giving back to Autism Awareness. 


Light it Up Blue,